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Door Construction

Solid woodStave coreLVL coreAs the name implies, doors made with these stiles and rails are solid wood with no veneers.Best Deal Millwork manufactures doors using  any of the following materials for stiles and rails. Our exterior doors are made 1-¾” thick in solid wood, stave core or LVL core, with an  optional 2-¼” thick made  LVL core.Stave core has blocks of wood as its core material. The face  veneers are approximately 3/16”  thick and the edge material is approximately 7/8” thick prior to profiling.LVL core (laminated veneer lumber) is the most stable of the three stiles.3 piece panel constructionTypical part sizes   Stiles      5-½” Top rail     5-½” Middle rail     6” Bottom rail     8” Muntin bar  TDL     1-3/16” Muntin bar  SDL     ¾” Bottom Panels     11” , 24”LVL core  construction with 3/16” veneer